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Discovery Purification Odor Removal Service

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We work with real estate agents to help them achieve their goals! Let us take care of your odor, mold, and disinfection needs so you can focus on closing the deal.


Open Houses

Want top dollar for your listings? Need to get your house odor-mold-germ-free so it will sell? We can help!



Have a to-do list for a loved one's house before the closing date? We specialize in odor, mold and sanitizing services.



Using eco-friendly, medical grade products, we sanitize environments from illness causing bacteria and viruses with no harmful residue or aftereffects.


Discovery Purification Service

Green Solution to Real Estate Odors!

The ability to rent or sell a home can swing on one small detail.  Location, decoration, and schools are all big factors, but smell is a subtle, yet powerful, persuader. Musty, lived-in, or stale odors in a home decrease value and buyer decisions. Why have so many realtors suggested having freshly baked apple pie or cookies in your kitchen or potpourri in the living room? Smell is a part of the buyer’s experience! But, masking smells is unfair and leaves people wondering what is hidden from them.

Our certified technicians will remove even the worst of smells leaving the home free of odors.  We remove smoke smell, cooking odors, pet odors and even sanitize the apartment or house after years of use.

Discovery Purification specializes in move-out and homes for sale.  Give our real estate odor removal team 3-5 hours to do our job, and even foul and pungent odors will be gone!

Discovery Purification Service

Fresh and Clean Open Houses

Discovery Purification solutions are pretty amazing!  When we are done, you will enjoy a kind of “after rain fresh smell” that has no residual health impact.  Buyers will be pleased when they walk into your clean and fresh Open Houses and Showings. 

Your Listing will be treated by a green and healthy process that can make a profound difference on closing the deal. 

Discovery Purification Service

Real Estate Professionals

Incite an emotional response in buyers when they are in a fresh smelling home. The subliminal message of good will and feelings of well-being are associated with a healthy aroma in the home.  

Our odor removing products and processes are green, eco-friendly and leave behind nothing but a gentle whiff of freshness.