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Discovery Purification Odor Removal Service

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Mould and Odor Removal Services . Family-owned!

We Are The Better Choice For Odor Removal Air Quality Testing Mold Remediation Mould Inspection Better Air Quality Services

Discovery Purification Mould and Odor Removal Service removes odors and allergens quickly and efficiently.

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Mould Remediation

Mould has been proven to cause serious health issues. Untreated mold causes structural damage and expensive renovations. We help people in as little as one visit.


Odor Removal

Can’t sell your house because of the smell? Worried that visitors notice the smell in your home? Have pet urine in the house? Just bought a smelly used car? We have the solution!


Air Quality Testing

Kids sent home from school for sniffly noses? Missing work to stay home with sick kids? We can help! Testing for Musty Moldy Smell, Radon, Asbestos, allergens, and bacteria.

Why Choose Discovery Purification

The Best Choice for Removing Mould Remediation, Mold Testing and Odour Elimination.

Home - Business - Day Care - Vehicles

EPA approved products, which have no powders, or lingering residue. The environment is safe for children and pets when our process is finished.

Why Choose Discovery Purification

Quality Service * Fast, efficient service * Competitive pricing * EPA approved products *No ozone usage!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Job done right the first time, or we come back.


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