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Discovery Purification Odor Removal Service

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Bethany and Jon were very accommodating and meticulous in the process of my house odor elimination. They took the time to explain to me the process and how their approach is superior to others in the market. My odor elimination process was done efficiently and my house was rid of the odor in no time at all. I highly recommend Jon and Bethany at Discovery Purification.
Dom F
Satisfied Home Owner
I was totally satisfied that the smell in my vehicle was taken away and has not come back. That’s why I have recommended Discovery Purification to my neighbor. The process was quick. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I’m looking forward to having them resolve the mold situation in the basement that was due to a leak.
Debbie O
Satisfied SUV Owner
Discovery Purification was awesome in our mold remediation and removal . They effectively killed and removed all mold spores and replaced all mold infested lumber, used a protective sealant and left the space cleaner than they found it. First Light Foundation of Hope is a charitable organization and we required their services for Hope House, our Residential Detox Center. Not only did Discovery Purification do a great job, they offered all of their services free of charge.
Roy G
Satisfied Client
Thank you, Jon from Discovery Purification, for a fast plan of action from the time of our first phone call about my odor situation. It was handled very professionally from start to finish. You did go well beyond the call of duty and the final results were amazing, the odor was gone, the cause of the odor was gone and all was back to normal, at a very reasonable cost, I would highly recommend you to my friends. Great job, Jon.
Dennis M
Satisfied Client
We had a mould problem in our basement that we couldn’t get rid of & suggested solutions to fix the issue could have cost us big dollars. Discovery Purification got the job done right with no issues.They were very professional, friendly & honest. They applied a couple of applications of their solutions & our mould issues were over! I would highly recommend a consultation with Discovery Purification before going anywhere else. If you are looking for great service that genuinely offers permanent solutions for your mould & odour problems, look no further than Jon Gale & the great people at Discovery Purification.
Jacquie C.
Satisfied Home Owner
I am very impressed with the work done by Jon and his helper in removing the cigarette smell in the house from the previous owners. It's been a week now and you can't smell anything in the house at all! Also, the garage, which had a very strong odor, is significantly lessened. You can barely smell it and it seems to be getting less and less each day. We've been pleasantly surprised. They were also very flexible and worked around our schedule! Very reasonable prices as well. I would recommend for any odor removal issues.
Tayler A.
Satisfied Home Owner