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Discovery Purification Odor Removal Service

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Home - Office - Daycare - School - Factory - Retail - Real Estate

Professional Sanitization Service

Kill Viruses Safely, Destroy allergens, Defend Your Family against the flu, 

Remove molds and bacteria from your home

Our Proccess

How We Help You Protect Your Family

Surface cleaning only works on the surfaces you touch, and is only good if the disinfectant remains wet for 10+ minutes. Wiping isn’t enough. Home Cleaning doesn’t deal with airborne biologicals. 


Child and Pet Safe

Our EPA and Health Canada approved cleaners are safe for you to return home within a few hours.


Airborne and Hidden

Fogging is the best way to get the sanitizer where viruses, bacteria, and pathogens hide


Long Term

Having a regular schedule for sanitizing visits to your home or work space gives you peace of mind.

Discovery Purification Services

How it Works

Sanitizing your home is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. No prep work for you. 



We will discuss the issues your family is facing, and create a package that will help protect your family long term



Family and pets leave the home for a few hours so that we have the freedom to work.



We guarantee the work will be done right, the first time. You will return to a sanitized home.

Set an appointment and meet our team

Easy & Fast - We Can Be there in 2 weeks!

Our team is small and dedicated. You will never have a ‘hired/newbie’ who cannot answer your questions or take care of your family. 

Give us a call! We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

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What Customers Say

Our service is designed to eliminate viruses and bacteria by cleaning every surface, ceiling to floor, behind the couch to lightswitches.