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Discovery Purification Odor Removal Service

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Air Quality Sanitization Removes Viruses and Flu

Our service removes allergens, molds, bacteria, viruses, and other health risks. We reduce allergy causing colonies, and improve air quality, on the first visit. This is our guarantee.


Discovery purification service

Improve Air Quality in Your home

 Air Quality has a direct link to the our health, energy levels and sleeping patterns. Allergens in the home may not be evident, but may be the cause of  long term chronic health problems. 

 Air purifiers can only clean airborne microbes, mycotoxins, molds, and bio problems like dead skin and mites. They do not prevent allergy causing problems from growing in your home. 

Discover how our services can eliminate toxins and allergens both in the air and on surfaces!

The job done right on the first visit – Guaranteed

Fogging your home sanitizes all viruses living on surfaces, in cracks, under furniture, better than household cleaners or home air purifiers.

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Defend Your Family Against Bacteria - Germs - Virus

Do you have sickness in the family? Colds? Flu?

Let us help keep your space healthy by sanitizing your home after illness has run through your family. Our certified technicians will eliminate the germs, allowing your family a fresh start!

Our sanitization products are eco-friendly, EPA and Health Canada approved, and medical grade! This means they are powerful enough to eliminate illness-causing bacteria, viruses, allergens and more. Yet, they are also safe for children and pets when our disinfecting processes are complete. You don’t have to worry about harmful aftereffects when we finish sanitizing.

Cleaning only kills viruses and pathogens on the surface until the liquid cleaner dries. After that, airborne pathogens are free to land on the surfaces and continue infecting your family. 

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discovery purification service

Safely Control Allergens in Your Home

Our service reduces many allergens such as pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and more from your home. Our EPA approved process is safe for your family and dissipates after only a couple hours, leaving no odor, residue, or harmful chemicals.