The ability to rent or sell a home can swing on one small detail.  Location, decoration, and schools are all big factors, but smell is a subtle, yet powerful, persuader. Musty, lived-in, or stale odours in a home decrease value and buyer decisions. Why have so many realtors suggested having freshly baked apple pies or cookies in your kitchen or potpourri in the living room? Smell is a part of the buyer’s experience! But, masking smells is unfair and leaves people wondering what is hidden from them.

Our certified technicians will remove even the worst of smells leaving the home free of odours.  We remove smoke smell, cooking odours, pet odours and even sanitize the apartment or house after years of use.

We specialize in apartment move-out and homes for sale.  Give our real estate odour removal team 3-5 hours to do our job, and even foul and pungent odours will be gone.  

Green Solution to Real Estate Odours!

Our solutions are pretty amazing.  When we are done, you will enjoy a kind of “After Rain Fresh Smell” that has no residual health impact. Employees and customers will be pleased when they walk into your place of business.  Your workplace will be treated by a green and healthy process that can make a profound difference on workers and customers.

Spas, gyms, and workout centers get a double benefit.  Odours are completely eliminated using our process, and all areas will be effectively sanitized.  Bacteria and viruses are destroyed in seconds. Our products penetrate to every exposed area including carpet, furniture, and walls.

Medical clinics will enjoy the kind of results that would require an expensive team of cleaners, sanitizers, and odour specialists. We recommend quarterly visits for optimal results.

Bars and nightclubs need the kind of powerful odour removal that our service can provide.  Stop trying to mask odours. Remove foul odours and sanitize at the same time. 

Our service removes allergens, molds, bacteria, viruses, and other health risks. We reduce allergy causing colonies, and improve air quality, on the first visit. This is our guarantee. 

  • Oshawa
  • Durham
  • Pickering
  • Courtice
  • Bowmanville
  • Ajax
  • Cobourg
  • Whitby
  • Newcastle
  • Port Perry
  • Port Hope
  • And more surrounding areas of Ontario
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