Air Quality has a direct link to the our health, energy levels and sleeping patterns. Allergens in the home may not be evident, but may be the cause of  long term Chronic health problems. 

 Air purifiers can only clean airborne microbes, mycotoxins, molds, and bio problems like dead skin and mites. They do not prevent allergy causing problems from growing in your home. 

Carpet and upholstery cleaning can cause more problems  by leaving a damp layer deep in the fibers. They may give short term relief, but the allergens remain deep in the areas the cleaning solution could not reach. These cleaners are often toxic to humans, and can compound the problem as the chemicals linger in your home. 

Our service removes allergy causing problems from your home and prevents them from returning by applying a germ inhibiting surface coating that prevents pathogens (bacteria or virus) to attach to surfaces and colonize.  This EPA registered surface coating will provide 90 days of allergen fighting protection against re-infection.  Whether office, gym, medical facility, school or daycare, the proactive impact of a 90 day germ inhibiting process is incredibly important to prevent the spread of common infections.

Allergy Abatement:  Our service can remove many of the allergy triggers that aggravate allergies.

Infection Prevention: Our services can decrease the spread of diseases for offices, schools, gyms, day care, and even pet boarding facilities.

We use a unique combination of immediate and ongoing filtration, inhibiting treatments, and sanitizing to achieve surprising results. Let Discovery Purification protect the health of your important people. Beat office infections with an immediate infection prevention treatment that can seriously reduce the threat of an office-wide illness.

Our service removes allergens, molds, bacteria, viruses, and other health risks. We reduce allergy causing colonies, and improve air quality, on the first visit. This is our guarantee. 

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